Get Your Home Winter Ready


Winter can be very unkind to our homes, and it is important to protect your investment and family. There are several things that can be done before the snow starts falling that can help you save on utility bills and get your home winter ready.


In order to keep your furnace in top condition and running smoothly on the cold winter days, it is important to make sure that they have had a tune up. Brining in a professional to look it over will ensure that it is clean, has replaced filters and look for any future potential problems, all for a minimal cost. It is also key that the outside A/C units be covered and protected from the elements.

Windows & Doors

Going over windows and doors and sealing any drafts will help keep you cozy and lower heating bills. Adding or replacing weatherstripping can help you save up to 15% on your heating bill. You should also replace any rotted wood frames, and broken screens or glass.

Fireplace & Gas Stove

Fireplaces and gas stoves should also be checked to make sure that vents are clear and in working order. For wood burning fireplaces, the chimneys should be cleaned to help prevent against carbon monoxide leaks and chimney fires.

Roof & Gutters

Throughout the fall many leaves and branches can get stuck on the roof and clog gutters. Make sure to clean these out as when it rains and snow starts melting it may start to leak into your home, causing structural damage. Ice and icicles can also develop as a result creating additional danger. It is also suggested to add an extension to downspouts to carry the excess water away from the foundation.