How To Clean Smelly Shoes


Now that summer has officially arrived its time to break out your favourite summer footwear.  But with the hot heat you can expect some sweat to come from head to toe. The bacterial on your feet reacts with the sweat from your shoes which can produce a pretty pungent odour that will have people running for the hills.  In order to help avoid this embarrassment we have put together some easy to do remedies.


Baking Soda

We all know baking soda has some sort of superpower and getting rid of smells is one of its best uses. All you have to do is pour some powder in your shoes at night and while you sleep it will soak up and sweat and your shoes will be dry and fresh in the morning.  Be sure to remember to empty your shoes before putting them back on.

Old Newspaper

Once you have finished reading your morning newspaper don’t throw it out.  Take a few pages and crumple them up and stuff them in your shoes.  It will help your shoes dry even faster by absorbing extra moisture, thus eliminating any bacteria that comes with it.

Spin Cycle

For those real heavy duty smells you may have to head to laundry room.  Remove your insoles from your shoes and throw them in a load of towels. Once the wash is done you can put them outside to air dry for about a day or two before wearing them again.  If they still smell you may need to soak the insoles in water-vinegar solution.