How To Paint Wood Floors


The idea of painting your wood floors does seem a bit sinful but it can actually add a nice warm cozy feeling to a cottage or any room in your home.  The best part about it is that it’s actually a project you can tackle yourself and is much easier than sanding and refinishing them with polyurethane.


Choosing a Colour

Choosing a colour is just like picking a colour for carpet.  Off-white is a classic choice but there are other great colours you can chose from.  For a kids playroom you may want to go with a pastel colour to add some brightness.

The Secret To Painting Floors

Like any home renovation job one of the most important steps is careful prep.  Start by washing the floor to remove any lingering grease or dirt. Sand the floor thoroughly to take off as much of the urethane or varnish as possible.Finish with a good vacuuming and dusting with a tack cloth and mineral spirits, to get rid of all traces of dust and specks.


Tools of the Trade

A four inch wide natural brush is the best option but you can also use a roller but it may leave a nubby nap that may look unattractive.  If you can find a brush that attaches to a handle it will help your knees and back.