Remodeling 101: Lava Stone Countertops


Until recently the options for countertops has been pretty limited but there are few new comers that have been gaining traction in the would of kitchen remodeling.  One of those recent new comers is the beautiful looking lava stone.

What is Lava Stone?

Lava stone is a volcanic rock that is quarried, cut into slabs and then topped with an enamel glaze.  Lava stone can withstand very high temperatures and can be glazed which sets it apart from many other types of stone.


Why Should You Chose Lava Stone For Your New Countertop

Temperature resistant:  It can with stand cold and hot temperature changes meaning you can place very hot pots and pans on it and it won’t destroy your countertop.

Very durable: The firing process creates an exceptionally hard surface that can withstand corrosive chemicals and UV exposure (no fading!). It doesn’t chip or scratch easily, but watch out for knife edges—use a cutting board.

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